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Search in field (trigger) using OSUser

I have a fields that has values NT Admin names separated by " ; "

Field Name: NTUser Names

A couple example of values for NT User Names field : 

                 Company\Steve; Company\John; Company\Amy

                 Company\Tom; Company\Lisa; Company\Ray 

In my trigger I want to "Select in Field"  NT User Names     

       then the search string is a wildmatch of some kind on function OSUser()

* My main issue is finding what the syntax in the search string  is so it will filter anywhere within NT User Names that have OSUser in it?



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Re: Search in field (trigger) using OSUser

Use this as string?

='Subfield(QvUser(), '\', -1)=SubField(OsUser(), '\', -1)'

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Re: Search in field (trigger) using OSUser


No I don't use QVUser and have no section access. I just want to evaluate OSUser against the value of the field I mentioned (NTUser Names)