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Section Access & Reduce data + Publisher challenge


First of all I want to highlight that i have searched for an answer over the internet with this community on top - no luck though, therefore if there is an straight answer I would be grateful for sharing otherwise I hope you, who are reading this post will help me to resolve / answer my problem. Here is the thing:

In our company we started using QlickView without publisher, so some sort of activities were 'automated' by simple vbs scripts. there is one application (let's call it MAIN) which consists of all data - this one is accessible for some of the users.  Based on the MAIN app we do have 3 more subApps - those are nothing but a subset of data of the MAIN App - let's call it A,B,C. In other words A,B, and C originates from MAIN as a result of Reducing the data - Selection + Keep Possible Values - this is one of the vbs which is doing the job once the MAIN is reloaded. We are also using SA (Section Access) but so far it is very small scope - making a sheet or a button available or not based on the username or whole ActiveDirectory role. It is working OK, however recently I get the Publisher, so I thought that such a powerful tool, should also help me to get rid of some of the 'automated sripts - for example the process I described...

I tried in 2  ways but honestly speaking with no success and what is more I do not have any other ideas.

  1. I tried to setup a task on the MAIN app and reload (both full and partial) with the reduce by filed and save as a different file name - actually the file name is the A/B/C because I need to expose them to the users
  2. I tried to reload and reduce the A/B/C apps and save as the Source document names with the reduce by filed option

Neither of the above worked. Actually the main issue is with the SA. Even though I have granted the user (qlick)  who is responsible for running he services (including QVB.EXE) all the required access like ADMIN in SA and Assignment in the AD to the Administrators it does not work as I'm expecting. qlik user is part of Administrators  but also I have assigned him to another AD group where my id is assigned. So what happens when I open the document reloaded by Publisher - the file recognizes me only based on the AD group and not by username. As a result my access is limited, so it means if a user from another AD group will login there is no access at all.

I can imagine that understating this case may be difficult without a sample, but I'm afraid I will not be able to prepare one before Christmas Eve. I would really appreciate any kind of help / hints / suggestions before that time.

Thanks in advance


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Section Access & Reduce data + Publisher challenge

Have a look on the publisher feature loop and reduce: Reduce and loop by NT username.mp4

- Marcus