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Section Access using Dates

Hi all,

I have an ask from a current client that is using Section Access. Currently, managers can view employees that are in their team, however if an employee moves to another team, the managers can no longer see any of their information.

Is it possible to have Section Access that uses dates as a means to track employee movement? That way, if a user moves team, managers can see the work that they carried out when they were on the same team. Similarly, if a user is assigned a new manager but stays on the same team, the old manager will still see the data relevant to them and the new manager would only see newer data.

They have created a new database that tracks employee movement, with dates, old position, new positions, old manager IDs and new manager IDs. Each time there is a change relating to an employee, a new row gets created and nothing is overwritten any more.

Any thoughts?

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