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Selection in filed based on OSUser

Hello all,

I'm trying to make my application open up with a selected field  (DomainId), Based on the user that is opening the application.

In the attached file you can see my OSUser()=MAC-AD\pukach_h and I want the application to open where DomainId=5.

If there is another user trying to open it, for example, MAC-AD\dejav_s it will open with DomainId=3 and so on..

How can I set the right expression\trigger to get that?

Is it possible also when One user has two DoaminId?

Thank you in advance,


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Creator II
Creator II

Re: Selection in filed based on OSUser

You could create a trigger attached to the document that when it opens it will select a value in the DomainID Field. The value that you could use could be determined upon opening using this code:

=Max({<userN = {"$(=OSUser() )"}>}DomainId)

However, this will only select the maximum domain value (or min if you use min instead), and will not select both Domains when a user has two. I have not figured out how to do that yet.

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Re: Selection in filed based on OSUser

Thank you Charles!

It does work.. But I'm still looking for a solution that will help me select also two domains if needed.

If you will have any idea for me, I woul'd be happy to hear about.