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Selection in qsVariable


I am using qsvariable in my app.

A t default when I start my app, my data shows blank(No selection)

i need to click on the button of the qsvariable created to display my charts.

I have attached the before-after images of my app.

How to have a default selection saved when my app is opened for the first time



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Re: Selection in qsVariable


assuming when you click on one of the button you set a value for a variable .

you can set this variable default value in the script

using this expression

set vCurrency = 'USD';

replace vCurrency  with your variable name

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Re: Selection in qsVariable

Hi Vikas,

Once you open the application check the variable value if it's null then write a condition something like

vVariable = if(len(vVariable)=0,AssginSomevalue,vVariable)

Re: Selection in qsVariable

if their is no selection  then Set a default value for the variables..so it will be auto populated