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Send qlikview app as an email in html format

   I have 3 reports in the qlikview app. This needs to be sent as an email and the reports should be in email body (so html format)

Can we do it without installing any external app or purchasing any other additional extra software

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Send qlikview app as an email in html format

HI Narayan,

I've put together a blog post on writing to text files on reloads.  This can be used to write an HTML file:


There is an example of writing a basic web page in the blog.  This could be expanded to build charts, if you got a bit clever with writing CSS to do bars of different lengths etc..  So far I have only used the technique to write text based pages - for display on wall boards.

I've also uploaded an example of exporting objects from a QlikView app using macros.  Macros are not always 100% reliable though.  If you want to take a look at the app it can be found here:

QlikView App: Export Chart and Sheet to an Image File

By combining these two techniques you could build a dynamic web page that displays QlikView charts as images.

Whilst you should be able to do a reasonable job using those techniques if you want a UI for building the web page and robust scheduling I can highly recommend using NPrinting.

Hope that helps,


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Re: Send qlikview app as an email in html format

Hi Narayan,

     I have a similar requirement. Were you able to do export those three report?