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Sending email Alert


I want to send an email alert when some threshold is passed when the data is loaded.

1) I successfully configured my server using Qlikview Management Console


the "Send" test button works, the test email is received.

2) I created a simple alert


(Sorry it's in French, but it pretty straightforward : if condition 1 (always true) send bogus test mail on reload ("au chargement").

When the Qlikview document reloads though, this email alert is never sent.


If I tick the Interactif (Interactive) checkbox and do a manuel reload of the document I get this poping up:


which means to me that :

1) the alert detection in itself works (on manual reload, condition 1 is met then the popin with the bogus message appears)

2) as the "preferences utilisateurs" (User Preferences) window shows up with the "Messagerie" (Mail) tab, the app is probably trying to get the email settings from the user preferences instead of the one defined on the server. And then of course it fails as the information is not defined here.

How do I make this work using the server side settings?

(btw, I tried to fill in the same settings tht I used on the server side in user preferences/mail but then, I am not able to send the test message either)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Sending email Alert

Test sending mail from that server via SMTP.

Far to often we think it should work but don't know and then find something simple out like that account cannot relay mail.


Re: Sending email Alert

On your QlikView Desktop, User Preferences, Mail tab have you set up the SMTP details there ?


Re: Sending email Alert

As I wrote, on the server side Qlikview configuration panel (*) , I am able to send (and receive) an email using the "Send" button next to the "Send test email to" field. So the email server I use is able to send mails issued by Qlikview.

I think the issue is elsewhere : why is Qlikview trying to use the settings in the "User Preferences" panel of the app instead?

(*) http://localhost:4780/qmc/SystemSetup.htm, System tab / Setup tab / Management Services / Mail Server / General


Re: Sending email Alert

About using the User Preferences mail panel:

1) I don't think I should use this. I want my email to be sent on data load, not when the app is launched and the settings are not "preferences" of each user, there are server settings

2) I tried to put the SMTP settings on the User Preferences but it doesn't work, I get a " Must issue a STARTTLS command first 

Re: Sending email Alert

I suspect an Alert email coming from the qvw uses the settings stored in the qvw from the User Preferences.

The QMC settings are only used for emails on QMC task completion / failure.

This certainly rings a bell with me from some years ago.