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SessionTaskAuditMaster - Governance dashboard


I'm starting with Governance Dashboard.

In my script i have two tables:

SessionTaskAuditMaster and REF_OngletSousOnglet (that receive data from a xlsx file).

The two tables are conected by the field AuditField.

However, the field is not filed correctly.

I don't understand from where the table SessionTaskAuditMaster comes from. Or from the data of this table comes from.

STORE SessionTaskAuditMaster INTO data\SessionTaskAuditMaster.qvd(qvd);
drop table SessionTaskAuditMaster;

month(SessionDate) as MoisSession,
Year(SessionDate) as AnnéeSession
FROM data\SessionTaskAuditMaster.qvd(qvd);

Where can i find more information about this?

Thank you.