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Set Analysis instead of IF()? LFL(Like For Like)

Hi Guys,

I have a working If statement:



MaxString({$<PeriodID = {"<=$(=Max(PeriodID)-52)"}, Year = {"$(=Max(Year) -1)"}>}YearWeek)




MaxString(YearWeek),sum({$<Year={$(=Max(Year))},PeriodID = {"<=$(=Max(PeriodID))"}>} #NetValue_EUR),Null())

This is a solution for Like for Like Calculation and this works properly on Store Level.

When i try this at Country Level this would not work because OpenYearWeek and ClosedYearWeek is a atribute of a single store.

Is the following true?: Should i transform this calculation somehow in Set Analysis to be dimensional independent? better said: show data on each level?

Or should i do this differently?

I'm strugeling with this issue for a long time and i'm kinda desperate for help:(

Hope someone has a genius idea!

Thanks allot!