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Set Analysis - only one selection to affect results in table


I currently have a pivot table showing staff groups within the organisation this come from a staff list report ran every month, if people are still here they are duplicated as such i have created a field of date of report to remove duplIcates and allow for previous months reporting etc.

At moment i have "=count({$<MonthYear=>}Employee)" this gives me the figures but what i want is to have only the report effective date to change the table, all other selections the user makes should not affect the values. If i put a 1 in place of the dollar sign it ignores the user selections completely but then the figures are incorrect.

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Creator III
Creator III

maybe something like this :

=count({1 <MonthYear = P({$}MonthYearSelectionField)> Employee)

We count the employees for the MonthYear equal to all possible (or selected) values of MonthYearSelectionField.