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Re: Set analysis - exclude current year AND month


Try this,

Sum({<DateField= e({"$(=Monthname(max(DateField)))"})>}Field)


Neha S.

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Re: Set analysis - exclude current year AND month

Hi everyone, I found how to resolve my problem,

First, I have added a new "special_period_field" to my LOAD which have this format : 'YYYYMM' (extracted from a the date field)

Then I have created a new variable :

vSpecialPeriod = year(ReloadTime()) & num( month(ReloadTime()), '00') // Returns YYYYMM value

=> The reason why I have created this variable is that QlikView don't know how to interpret this expression in the set analysis condition.

Finally I've used this condition in my set analysis :

sum( {< foo_field = {"foo_value"}, special_period_field -= {"$(=vSpecialPeriod)"} >}  numericField )

To conclude I would say that QlikView looks like a great tool but Set Analysis SUCKS !

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