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Set analysis question

Hi Experts,

i am new to qlikview and have the following requirement. I have two list boxes in the report showing year and month values.

If only year is selected the dashboard should show the value for the latest completed month, for example if i select 2016 then it should show data for Feb2016, if i select 2014 then it should show data for Dec2014, if i select year,month then the corresponding information.

Could you please let me know some ideas for this.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Set analysis question

May be this:

{<Date = {"$(='>=' & Date(MonthStart(Max(Date)), 'DateFieldFormat') & '<=' & Date(MonthEnd(Max(Date)), 'DateFieldFormat'))"}>}


Re: Set analysis question

If you select at most a single month, try

=Sum({<month = {'$(=max(month))'}>} value)

This needs numeric month values and a datamodel that don't show month in the future.