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Set analysis restricted by date range

I have an issue trying to report on data.  It has come from 2 separate sources.  Prior to a cutover date, I want to use data from one table.  After the cutover date, I want to use data from a second table.  The tables have similar fields in them. I'm also trying to use a variable to cover a date range as I'm reporting on month to date (vDateSetMTD), last quarter and last 12 months. Cutover date is in 2018.

If I run the query for the current period, my query is returning data from the first table when it shouldn't be.

Day={$(vDateSetMTD)}>} ActualValue) // this is the new data table result

// this next part uses the old table.  It is returning a result for the second part giving me a negative result.  It shouldn't return anything at all as vDateSetMTD is the current Month

Day={$(vDateSetMTD)}>} Value) -
Day={$(vDateSetMTD)}>} Value)))

In isolation, the first part of the query returns 476, and the second part -628 but it shouldn't be returning anything when vDateSetMTD is July 2019.

Can someone advise what I'm doing wrong?

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Re: Set analysis restricted by date range

Jamie, have a look at the following Design Blog post, I think it may help somewhat...


There are further links at the bottom of the post, just FYI, and you can back up the URL to Qlik-Design-Blog/ to search on your own as well there if you need some further info that is not in the posts you can get to via the link.


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