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Set analysis


Looking for your help on set analysis.

We're working with Bill of Materials in which is defined that Sales Articles (V-numbers) is made out of different Raw Material Numbers (G-numbers).

V1 -> (G1+ G7 + G9 + G12)

V2 -> (G1 + G2 + G7 )

V3 -> (G3 + G7 + G9 + G12)

When I make a selection on Client it will show me which articles he's buying and so it will show me also which raw materials are needed for producing them.

if he's buying V1 and V2 it will give me the raw material number (G1+G2+G7+G9+G12)

Now the problem is: Within this selection I would like to see in a table box, in how many Sales articles this Raw material number is used (and not only in the ones from the selection). In that way I can identify the raw material that is unique for this product

so a list would give me 1) G-number used in the selection and 2) Number of times this G-number is used in all the other products we're selling

G1 ->2;

G2 ->1;

G7 ->3;

G9-> 2;

G12 ->2

I've tried using a formula like this one : where the dimension is the "Raw Material Number" and the expression is Count({1<ArtikelStatus={'A','O','I'},Brand=>}ArtikelNr)

By using the 1, it will ignore all selections... so it gives me the complete list of all G-numbers in our system (from G1 to G12)instead of the limited one that we're using for the product of this client.

Hope somebody can clear the problem for me...

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Set analysis

building a sample app will probably help you get more answers.

I believe what you need to is select the product and unselect the client i.e. sum({<Product=P(Product),Client=>}Sales).