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Set caption pivot table qlikview

First, I would like to set the caption for a pivot table in a VBScript macro. I have this piece of code so far

sub cleanUp()

  set sheet = ActiveDocument.Sheets("Summary")

  set summaryTable = sheet.CreatePivotTable

  summaryTable.addDimension "AccountGroupDesc"

  summaryTable.addDimension "AccountDesc"

  summaryTable.addExpression "Sum({<[Fiscal Year]={$(vCurrentYear)}>}ExpenseActual)/1000"

  set props = summaryTable.getProperties

  set expr = props.Expressions.Item(0).Item(0).Data.ExpressionVisual

  expr.Label.v = "Expenses $(vCurrentYear)"

  expr.NumAdjust = 1    'center

  expr.LabelAdjust = 1    'center

  summaryTable.SetProperties props

  set sp = sheet.GetProperties

  sp.ZoomFactor = 1

  sheet.SetProperties sp

  set capt = summaryTable.GetCaption.Name.v

  'set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vVarCapt")

  'v.SetContent "Sales",true

end sub

The line set capt = summaryTable.GetCaption.Name.v bears some error in it. The last two lines seem not to make it. I would like to set the caption/title to string "Sales" for instance.

Second, I would like to autofit the width of columns for dimensions to the header's text. Is there a way ? Alternatively, how to adjust the column width to text in all the cells ?