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Set colors in a file

Hello everyone,

 I created 2 tables having the same structure but eachone filtered on a field ARTICLE TYPE.
 So we have Table 1 with article type A and table 2 with article type B.

 On these tables I have a Delta class column based on the Delta field created as follow:

 = if Delta> -0,1 then "less than 10%" else if Delta> -0,2 then "10 to 20%" else "more than 20%"

 In this column, the color of the background is dynamic with the following formula:

 = if Delta> -0,1 then rgb (255,106,106) else if Delta> -0,2 then rgb (255,0,0) else rgb (0,0,0)

 The problem is that no user can get hold of these values ​​and it is not very optimal to maintain.
 So I thought of making an excel file like this:

 Article Type | Min | Max | color
 A | 0.1 | # | 255,106,106
 A | 0.2 | 0.1 | 255,0,0
 A | # | 0.2 | 0,0,0
 B | 0.5 | # | 255,106,106
 B | # | 0.7 | 255,0,0

 In the LOAD, I loaded this data into the Article Type table by adding the columns Min, Max and Color,
 on the other hand in the PRES I do not see at all how to recover the colors in the property Background ???

 Would anyone have an idea please?
 Or an idea for another method?

 thanks in advance

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Re: Set colors in a file

Instead of bringing the color value in one column, bring them in 3 different column. R value, G value, B value and then use it like this

RGB([R value], [G value], [B value])
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Re: Set colors in a file

Thanks for your answer but my main question is how to use this values in a chart as background color like this : 



Re: Set colors in a file

Would you be able to share a sample to show what you already have?