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Setting Print Paper Size


I'd like to know if I can print on different paper sizes depending on the report setting.

I have two report in a QVW and one should be printed on A3 and another should be printed on A4.

I know if only I choose the paper size before print, it'll be done easily,

The problem is, I believe my clients (the system users) will have no consciousness of paper size setting.

They won't know which report hould be on A4 or A3. So It's neccesary to set the paper size in advance.

I set each "Preferred Paper Size" as A3 and A4.

As Manual says "If the report is ultimately printed on another paper size than the one the report was designed for,

QlikView will attempt to adjust the report contents by means of zooming the print objects to fit the new paper size.",

it doesn't mean I can print it on the paper I choose.

Could someone please tell me if there's a way to achieve this?

Any help is appreciated.