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Show Straight table on condition

Hi All,

I'm lil bit stucked with one issue.

I have a straight table which don't have any dimension.All are expressions.Counts and averages were taken in expressions.

I want conditional show another straight table with detail record of the count, if i select the Table having Counts of the field.

I tried using Getselectedcount() but it's not working correctly.Even tried using Dimension and Hiding it but still not working.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Show Straight table on condition

Can you post your application?



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Re: Re: Show Straight table on condition

Attached a sample application.

Condition_Table should show when i select the Count i.e 13.So all 13 values should display in the condition table.

Except Trigger concept plz



Re: Re: Re: Show Straight table on condition

Create a field in the script and try like: