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Re: Show all values in a dimension

Hi. This work for most solutions. But as soon you do apply filters to your set it can get absolutly weird.

When is this the case:

  • Attached example of a cross tab: dimensions used which have no intersection: There are customers without a transaction = they have no relation to the calendar
  • As long nothing is selected everything works fine. Why? because still all relations are in the selected set
  • As soon you select a year everything falls appart: Why? because by selecting a year you filterd out all customers from the current set. Even activating as proposed "show all values" for  a dimension doesn't solve the problem as the relations to other dimensions are gone
  • Solution: take a set into your formula with contains the link between the dimensions.


sum(Ordervalue)+ sum({1-1<[Year]={"*"}>}0)

= First part is the original formula. The second part selects then all customers and subtracts all customers with a valid link to a year = show all customers with absolutly no revenue. There may be other requirements like: show as well all customers which had revenue but in other years. In such cases you would use getFieldsSelection() in the set definition as modifier.

Example is attached .

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Re: Show all values in a dimension

This seemed to work better for me:

anyexpression   + sum({$<[Year]={"*"}>}0)

When I tried the 1-1 vs the $, the 1-1 produced very strange results.  Using $ (current selection state) worked perfect.


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Re: Show all values in a dimension

I have a very similar question to this. But I am unable to open the qvw. file attached. I am trying to show all values in a field irrespective of my where clause. I am using Section Access for my security and need to show all Departments, for example, even if they have no data tied to them. Can you help with the load script?