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Showing Row Total in chart (pivot or straight)

Im trying to show row totals in my charts, either pivot or straight, it doesn't really matter.

here's a view of my chart.


I can get the column totals by selecting "Show Partial Sums" in my pivot table, or have "Expression Total" Picked in a Straight Table. "Expression Total" shows the same values as "Sum (expression)" under "Total Mode" for me in "Expression" Tab. I can't figure out how to get Row Totals, only column totals. My columns are my Expressions, and the Rows are just one dimension, which each row being the 1 of 5 allowed values...

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Re: Showing Row Total in chart (pivot or straight)

May be use IsLand table or ValueList() function to create a synthetic dimension and use that to create a chart

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Re: Showing Row Total in chart (pivot or straight)

I solved this issue. All of my expressions are stored in variables, so I created a new expression summing my variables.


Row Totals  = $(vVar1) + $(vVar2) + ..... $(vVarN)

This worked.