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Showing columns in a List

Hi All,

  I have a scenario to handle, would really need help to sought this.

Below is the data from different column i have loaded.

Now both the LIST has project ids.

Senario 1:

On selecting the highlighted project ID, there is no data in the Table, Because there are NO RESOURCES path of this project.


Selecting Project Id from second list , highlights 3 resources who have worked on the Project Id: 100010.  I even get an information that there are one or more resources from the list who are currently in the project 100014.

TO make this more user friendly I want to Show PROJECT NAME linked to Project Id for selection from the SECOND LIST.

THIS WORKS, but vice-versa is not working, if I directly select PROJECT NAME from the LIST  

Can I write expression in the LIST : to select the Project Name where the Project_ID is among the All_Project_Ids

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Re: Showing columns in a List


please see your data model...

And please post a sample of your qvw...


André Gomes

Re: Showing columns in a List

I guess what is your current expression?

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Re: Showing columns in a List

Currently I have not written any expression. I ma trying with syntax to run such expression.