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Simple Q about Stacked bar charts

Why do they refuse to sort on the stacked total? I have sort set to Y-value desecending (biggest to smallest)

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Simple Q about Stacked bar charts


Y-Value works for the first expression, but not the second. I'd recommend you to create a new expression, uncheck the "Bar" tick int he Expressions tab, that sums both expressions, and set this one at the top, so the Y-Value is global. You can set this expression in the Sort by Expression option in the Sort tab of the chart properties.

Hope that makes sense.

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Simple Q about Stacked bar charts

hi,, yeah muguel is correct.. try like that.. create a new expression, which is sum of both expressions and promote the newly creates expression as top and in expression tab uncheck the tab ckeck box for the new expression. now it works...




Re: Simple Q about Stacked bar charts

Hi ,

i'm working with Qlikview11.20 and i was trying to sort in stacked bar chart based on y-value as descending order.

But in Sort tab there is no option like sort by Y- Value. Please friends give me some suggestions on this.


Thanks in Advance