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Sorting dimension of type Date

Hi all,

I have a pivot table with 4 dimensions and 1 expression.


The D4 dimension is a date field, which i want to sort in descending order.

Now in a single D1, D4 are not in the desired order.

Is there any way to sort it base on D4 only so that within other D1, i get all the D4 in the desired order.

I cannot change the order of the dimensions also.

Thanking in advance...

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Re: Sorting dimension of type Date

You need to post some data to get a good answer.

However, a common case is that the "date" is not interpreted as a date (meaning that it gets a numeric value also), but is instead just a string, sorted alphabetically.

See more on



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Re: Sorting dimension of type Date

How is D4 formatted?