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Special Characters in Qlikview


I have a problem with special chars like "ñ" or "Á" that appear with "?".
The problem exists when I download data into qvd.
Data is downloaded into qvds, from Oracle database.In Oracle database, data is correct.

I don´t want to remove or skip special chars.

There Exists some setting to set the encoding to UTF-8? or I have to use some pl/sql function to bring the correct data into qvd.

Thanks in advance.


Rodrigo E.

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Re: Special Characters in Qlikview

Hello ,

I know it's so much old post, but searching through the post for some problem your post give an idea and here is the solution.

you can use ApplyCodePage on that field and apply UTF-8 as 10000.


ApplyCodePage(Field,10000) as NewField

All your hidden or special character will start appearing.