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Split Axes - Line Chart - Area Look


I have six metrics in a line chart, split axes. Four of them are quantities and are positionned at the bottom.

The other two are rates and positioned at the top.

I would like to have for all of them area look. For some reason, the two metrics in the top don't show up.

I would truly appreciate any suggestion/help.

Thank you,


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Re: Split Axes - Line Chart - Area Look

I can't get it to work in a single chart either - so I used the programmers mindset ... split & conquer - make two charts.

I attached the solution too.

2015-03-08 Split Axes.PNG

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Re: Split Axes - Line Chart - Area Look

Hi Petter,

Splitting charts instead of axes is an workaround which I currently use and aim to overcome.

I have the feeling that it has to be a way to do it by splitting axes.

Thank you for replying,