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Contributor III
Contributor III

Store Table Box into QVD using Macro Button

Hello Master,

How to store a table box into qvd using action macro in button ?
I tried script like below :

sub StoreTB01TableToQVD
set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01")
File = ActiveDocument.Evaluate("TB01.qvd")
obj.Export File, 4
end sub

When I click test in the macro window, popup appear 'Cannot open file - for writing'

What should I do?

Thank you for you suggestion

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Sub QVDExport
set st = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01")
File = activedocument.Evaluate("'Path\table.qvd'")
st.Export File, 4
End Sub


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks @vamsee 

I tried your suggestion, qvd successfully generated
But, when I opened it, in QlikView for data loading
The separator became wrong, please see my attachment

Is there any other parameter in function Export, to set the separator?

Thanks a lot


Honestly, I am not an expert on Macros. I tried searching in the community and couldn't find the exact solution.

Basically, that export is missing the XML header part.



Alternatively, you can export the complete table box into an XML file and then read it.


sub xml
set table= ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01")
table.ExportXml "Desktop\table.xml"
end sub



I have tried exporting chart objects into qvd and that worked fine


sub ChartToQVD
set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")
obj.ExportEx "Desktop\chart.qvd", 4
end sub