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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Subqueries

It looks like you're getting a lot of descriptions and have to join a lot of tables to get those:

  u.FAM_NAME as Famille

          , u.RA_NAME as Gamme

          , u.U_NAME as "Sous-gamme"

          , n.N_NAME as Nation

          , n.RE_NAME as Région

          , c.C_NAME as Client

This can optimised using mapping tables and the applymap function. See these two blog posts for more information:

That should get rid of a lot of joins in your sql statement. Also you can consider not doing the aggregation in sql but load the unaggregated records and let Qlikview do the aggregation in the charts.

If that's not an acceptable option, ask your local friendly database administrator to help speed up your sql statement. Perhaps there are some columns where an index can be added. Or turn your sql statement into a materialised/indexed view.

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