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Sum of series over time

Hey guys,

I'm struggling with a problem here. I have a table with the monthly changes in accounts that I want to use to display the monthly balance and to do this I figure I need to sum up all previous periods and add the starting balance. I can solve this mathematically but have problems writing a script for it. (I'm not an experienced programmer)

In my example script I have the column named value that contains the sum of changes within the period. Some basic parameters I need to think of when writing this is:

  • Period 0 is the years starting balance
  • I have several years and several divisions
  • I can choose to use either a starting balance from the first year in my table and sum all changes after or use the 0-period value for each year as a new starting balance.

I would very much appreciate your advices of how to proceed with this.

Thanks in advance,


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SV:Sum of series over time

Hi again,

I've tried using IF / previous along with order by to solve this but I know there must be a more efficient way to do this, maybe with a loop. Nobody that understands my problem?