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Sum totals for various products


I have created a variable:

=if(Product = 'VAF', sum({1}[Vehicle and Asset Finance_2017]),
IF(Product = 'Overdraft', sum({1}Overdraft_2017),
IF(Product = 'CPF', sum({1}CPF_2017),
IF(Product = 'Debtors_Finance', sum({1}Debtors_Finance_2017),
IF(Product = 'Diners', sum({1}Diners_2017),
IF(Product = 'Lending', sum({1}Lending_2017),
IF(Product = 'Other_Debit', sum({1}Other_DB_2017),

IF(Product = 'Current_Account', sum({1}Current_Account_2017),
IF(Product = 'Investments', sum({1}Investments_2017),
IF(Product = 'Cashman', sum({1}Cashman_2017),
IF(Product = 'Call_Deposit_CIB', sum({1}Call_Deposit_CIB_2017),
IF(Product = 'Notice_Deposit_CIB', sum({1}Notice_Deposit_CIB_2017),
IF(Product = 'Other_Credit_Balances', sum({1}Other_Credit_Balances_2017)


However, the results are only displayed for the first one (VAF) .

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Re: Sum totals for various products

Do you have Product as a dimension  in the object where you use this variable?

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Re: Sum totals for various products

Yes Product is a dimension

Re: Sum totals for various products

Then it should have worked, would you be able to share a sample where we can see the issue?

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Re: Sum totals for various products

Where are you seeing the output of the variable?
In variable overview, Text box or any table?
If you are using it in text box it might not work as you are expecting it to work.
Learning never stops.
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Re: Sum totals for various products

Could you please try using Pick and match. Hope it will work.