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Sum(x) i.e Rowno(Total)

I WANT SUM(X) X IS ROWNO(Total) i.e 17 now i want sum(x) i.e 153

x is handled UI level not in script level stalwar1swuehlsagarjagga

thakns in advanceCapture4.PNG

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Re: Sum(x) i.e Rowno(Total)

If you want to use in Script? You can call like


Load ID1, AutoNumber(Rowno(), ID1) as ID From Table;

Left Join(Sample)

Load Sum(ID) as x Resident Sample Group By ID1;

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Re: Sum(x) i.e Rowno(Total)

Do you want 17 as Column total? You said you want Sum(X) and your table already show Sum of X column i.e 153. More info will help to understand the requirement.

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Re: Sum(x) i.e Rowno(Total)

Where do you want to show 153? Did you try like Sum(TOTAL x) ?