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Switch Styles - High Contrast Colours for Visually Impaired Users

I have a user who needs my QlikView (11) reports to be on a black background with white writing, a little like the High Contrast option for Accessibility in Windows.

I can't just set this in my Documents as it'll be there for everybody and I'd get a lot of complaints!

Now, I know that a lot of this could be achieved with a button that flips a variable;

vHighContrast = IF ( vHighContrast = 'Yes', 'No', 'Yes' )

...and then use that variable to calculate object backgrounds, text colours and pivot cell fill/text colours to achieve this BUT I've got nine documents comprising around 25 sheets, around 70 tables/pivots, and a whole lot of other stuff.  Adding the calculated colours to everything would take a very long time indeed and potentially I'd need to gnaw off one of my own limbs in a desperate attempt to retain grasp of my last remaining thread of sanity.

I've had a look and I can't see anything that would achieve this.

What I thought would be wonderful is a VBS macro that iterates through all sheets and sheet objects, determines their type, and automatically adjusts the colour scheme of each object to something with high-contrast.

I'd not need it to switch back to 'normal'.  Anyone pressing it - well that's their own fault - and they can restore the default by coming out of the report and going back in to it.

Does anyone have anything that might permit this?  Or perhaps, hidden in the depths of QlikView there's some magical thing I've missed that can achieve this simply?

Thanks in advance.