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Table : conditional display witouth blank space

Hello guys,

So i have multiple table ( more than 10 tables ).
I have to hide/show table but with conditionnal display, it's not pretty, when it doesnt show table, it left blank space between my table. (and i don't want blank space)

So for the example i tooked 2 tables.

What i have :


What i have with conditionnal display when i have to hide a table:


What i want if i hide the first table:

In nprinting it's easy, but i don't know how to achieve that in Qlik.

Thanks guys.

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Re: Table : conditional display witouth blank space

I do suggest simple to all tables apply the same x and y coordinates in the display.
You can control it in Properties > Caption > x-pos and y -pos.
To see all the objects in the sheet simple use Document properties > Sheets. It will be easier to manage the tables.

The other solution would be to Concatenate all the tables in the script. This option is way much better but as usual it all depends on the architecture.

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Re: Table : conditional display witouth blank space

I think I did not explain well.
If the conditions are met I have to display both tables. So I can not use the same x and Y coordinates.
Sometimes I will have to display the 10 tables, sometimes I will only have to display 3 of them.
I can not concatenate the tables in the script I do not think it's possible in my case. The expressions are different.