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Contributor II
Contributor II

Table in NPrinting


i hope  you are very well!

Could you please let me know, how can i load a table of 100 rows in NPrinting?

Since it does not show me the table as it should be.

The version of NPrinting used is 17.2.0

I have already loaded tables with less rows previously and works fine, but in specific with this table we believe it is by size, we tried with the option ' Custom Rows' but  it does not work.

Attachments images:

A)Table in QlikView

Tabla QlikView.png

B)Table in NPrinting

Tabla en NPrinting.png

Thank you very much for your help


Patricia Cortes

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Creator III
Creator III

Re: Table in NPrinting


Please check that if you have added some filters in NPrinting and that filter may trimmed off the data in table.

The second thing is if you update any object in the QVW file, please refresh the meta data in connection streams. After refreshing it, please right click on the table object in NPrinting and update the object. After that you view your data.

Please do the above work, and if it does not work for you, please let me know.