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Top Players - Show All values


I’ve this 3 charts to show the Top Players in three different Metrics:

  • Champions League (1º chart)
  • Championship (2ºchart)
  • Country Cup  (3ºchart)


If you repair the 1º and 2ºChart are agree with the Top Number defined but the Country Cup only show 3 players because in the database I only have 3 games for the Country Cup.

I don’t know if is possible to do it but I want that all the charts have the same format and size, basically I want that the 3ªchat have the same scale (in this case 12 players) as the others even if I have to show a expression like ‘NULL’ or something.  In this format is horrible to show :’(


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Re: Top Players - Show All values

Anyone have an idea??