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Creator III
Creator III

Total line at the bottom of a pivot table


I'm trying to show a line at the bottom of a pivot table that is a total of my values "montant". I can't get anything close to appear using partial sums.

I'm also trying to show a budgeted amount, taken from a different table, below that total, and obviously show a differential on the line below.

I was able to recreate that in a seperate pivot that i put just below, but that won't fly when it comes time to print out the whole thing.

Does anyone have a pointer?

You might have also caught on from another discussion thread taht I'm looking to have columns for the rest of the year show up even if there are no values yet...

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If I've understood, replace your current expression with something like this.

sum(aggr(Your Current Expression Here,Fournisseur,Description,Mois))

Creator III
Creator III


I'm not too sure what happened after I've integrated that into my expression forumla. and I'm pretty sure my structure is blurry as explained right now, so I've attached the .qvw to help clear out what I'm talking about.

So,I'm trying to get a total for my expression [Montant], for every month.

What did the sum(Aggr(  function do?

You might noticed thatI am quited challendged by other features of Qlikview that I haven't explored yet. So I'll keep it one point at a time, and one post per topic.

Thanks for the help!

Creator III
Creator III

So I've realised a few things. If I want a total, I need to have an expression that is a sum. Check.

Second part: I have a total line at the top, and this is where I want it to show up, since I want the indent mode on, and totals below looks a bit goofy. BUT, the totals are all 0 Hopefully I wont be suggested to AGGR, since none of my dimentions are straight fields (All calculated and flipped around since my raw data is very mooshy).

Third part: I don't want sub totals for every dimention, just a grand total. Cannot get that out of the picture. (No subtotal for evey supplyer...)