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Trellis Chart X-axis issue

Hi All,

I know this thread would have been created but my issue seems complicated .

i have trellis chart with fixed column as 1 and multiple rows. But the X axis is month axis and problem is as attached .

Can anyone tell me how to handle months of almost 4 years with a scrollbar.

(number of rows in trellis are dependent on selection of suppliers)



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Re: Trellis Chart X-axis issue

actual results wanted are similar to attached

stalwar1‌  could you please help in this one? i guess you had some idea in one of the threads for Qlikview.

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Re: Trellis Chart X-axis issue

May be

The enable x-axis scroll bar works only for the first dimension but for trellis charts the first dimension is not the x-axis. Ideally, the option should always apply to the whichever dimension is used for the x-axis (first dimensions for regular charts, second dimension for trellis charts, and third dimension for trellis charts with secondary dimension) and the scroll bar should scroll all the charts together.