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Trigger on variable not working - looking for a workaround


I have a set of three different calendars that each have a Month, Quarter, Year, Month Year selections in a multibox.  I need to change variable valuables using actions on the OnSelect and OnChange actions on each of these.  That's a lot of repeated lengthy code.  So, I had a "brilliant" idea to have each of these change one variable (change 1 to -1 or something like that) that would trigger an action on that one variable that would hold the code in one place.

As you probably already know, that didn't work because apparently changing the value of that one variable using a calculation (=variable*-1) doesn't change the value since QlikView seems to see the calculation itself as the value.  I was wondering if anyone has developed a trick or a workaround for this scenario.

Note that I tried setting two actions on the OnSelect and OnChange to set the variable to 1 then to 2, thinking that would be setting the variable to a value. That didn't work either.