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Re: Triggers getting deleted by itself

I am having this same issue.

I have done this:

3. Run the load script as a test and have an exit script early on (therefore removing fields from the data model)... was testing some new load code and did not want to run the full script.

If this is normal behavior in Qlikview, is there a way to "script" these triggers out without having to go through the tedious process of the UI in the document settings, thus having it saved so that it does not have to be retyped when Qlikview deletes it, but can be copied back in?

Is there another way to just have access to the Document Settings "code" and re-add it when Qlikview removes the triggers? I have superficial looked, but have not been able to find such a "code" window.

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Re: Triggers getting deleted by itself

Hi all,

today I encountered the same problem.

I noticed that triggers defined on fields disappear only when an exit script instruction prevents the creation of mentioned fields or when the instruction/query responsible for their definition goes into error and you force the script's execution till the end.

On the contrary, opening file with no data and reducing all the data does not make triggers lost.

So I found a workaround that could help.

At the beginning of the script, before any instruction that potentially stops the execution, I created an inline table that lists all the fields with triggers defined on them:



    F1, F2, F3


(where F1, F2, F3 obviously have triggers)

Then, as the last instruction of the script, I drop table TEMP_TRIGGER_FIELDS so I'm sure at all times fields having triggers will be always present in my qlikview internal database.

I hope this will be useful for anyone.


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Re: Triggers getting deleted by itself

I have the encountered the same problem with more than one application. It's not only that the triggers get lost sometimes - I just can't save them. Whenever I open the Document Properties they are already gone. I can't even change a variable values by pressing Apply.

I think it may have to do with the number of fields in an application. The first time I've encountered this problem all went well during months of development... but then it was not possible to add any more triggers. Now I have many hundred fields and QV just doesn't behave how it should.