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Two List Boxes Same Row Automatic Selection


I have two different list boxes data with in which is not connected.

Now if I select second row in first list box, automatically second row in second list box should be selected with out any association in data model. Can some one help me with this. Can we do it with RecNo() and Variable combination.

Kindly provide answer as on how we can do it both in backend and frontend?



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Do they have different values or the same exact values?

Creator III
Creator III

Can you send an example?


Different Values ofcourse

So you will be making selection based on the order in the list box? What if the order was changed? Doesn't matter?


It doesn't matter Sunny only aspect to consider is by position of the field. If I select the second one in first list second one in second list should be selected. If I select the third one in first list third row should be selected and so on.

There is no simple universal way of identifying which row number was selected in the first list box,nor is there an easy way to auto-select a value by a list box ordinal position.

You will need to add some extra attributes to your data to make this possible, but what are you trying to achieve? Perhaps there is a simpler way that works with QV, rather than trying to work around QV.

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