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UDF with parameters. Parameter with multiple values issue

Hi All,

Trying to pass paremeter in my UDF, where parameter is a set analysis with multiple values.

The problem is that everything works in case with single value (see below) and fails when multiple values passed.

I do realize that QV is evaluating it and recognizes comma and then fails... but I can't come up with the way to handle it. What's would be the most elegant way to go around this? I'm sure some of you have thoughts.

Attached is a very simple example, but shows what I'm after.

BTW, [ABC] is a dummy field, which tricks QV and enables me to pass parameter right into {<>}. It was quite a surprising discovery, have not seen it in the web yet.


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Thank you

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Re: UDF with parameters. Parameter with multiple values issue

Although there might be a better way to do this, but the issue I am running into is the use of comma. As soon as we put a comma in there the parametrized variable stops before the comma and look for stuff after that. The way I am going to propose might look ugly, but it seems to be working.

set_exp_months = [Month]={'Jan'}>+<Month = {'Feb'}