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URL passing paremeters

Hi all,

I have searched the community and used the URL Composer but still something is not working well.

Background:  In my QVW all sheets are hidden with the exception of the Legal Page (Sheet01 or SH01). This is the only sheet that is visible once you access this dashboard via Access Point. Once you have clicked on "Accept Legal Terms" button in SH01 then the other sheets will become visible. The button for "Accept Legal Terms" forces SH02 (Next tab or Sheet # 02) to show next and forces filters within sheet02 like Location = AMER and Year=2015 to be applied by default.

Issue:  When I enter the URL below in IE it behaves differently depending on whether I already have been to this Dashboard and which pages you I been in. The first time I enter the URL below in IE and press enter it takes me to Access Point, the correct dashboard but the parameters are being ignored. The Legal Page (SH01) is coming up and not SH07. If I don't click anything and just reload the same URL then the Legal Page (SH01) is not coming up but all the hidden sheets are visible and SH02 and its default filters for Location = AMER and Year=2015 are applied. Again the parameters in the URL are being ignored, it seems.

Then if I don't select or click anything and just refresh the URL again then SH07 comes up and the filter for Product is applied correctly.


Goal :  The goal is to be able to access the dashboard via a URL link in a website. Once the website user clicks on this link he or she should be taken to this Dashboard's Access Point and SH07 should show up with a filter for product applied 'ProductA'. Thus, the Legal Disclaimer and the SH02 should be ignored. Any ideas?

Thank you,


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I'm guessing you are using a variable to control the display of the Legal and other sheets? If so, consider changing the logic to using an island field "ShowLegal" with values of Y/N and the Always-One-Selected property checked. Then make the selection of 'N' in your direct URL.