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UnExpected Token

Hi All,

     I am getting an error like this

"Syntax error Unexpected token: ';', expected nothing",  I don't think I have any fault in my script but the error keep continuously coming. Can anyone help me, if they had faced this before. I had attached the error, please let me know.


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Re: UnExpected Token

Should be this?

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1, filters(

Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 1)),

Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 3))


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Re: UnExpected Token

There is no problem with the code, Its the semicolon which causing the issue.

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Re: UnExpected Token

Hi Sri,

Did you get a solution to the problem?


Re: UnExpected Token

>>Its the semicolon which causing the issue.

Are you sure about that. The semi-colon is required there. Removing the semi-colon may simply hide the error or confuse the syntax check so the error is reported as something else.

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Re: UnExpected Token


In my case problem with new version of QV desktop. In previous version variable i.e. $(vVariable) without quotes but in new version quotes are needed: '$(vVariable)'

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Re: UnExpected Token

Thank you Ludwik!!

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Re: UnExpected Token


I am receiving that error only when I try to run the application on the server. There seems to be no issue on the desktop (QlikView 12).