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New Contributor

Unable to run macro from command prompt

Hi guys,

We run a Qlikview report at a client which executes some VBScript within Qlikview.
We then call this Qlikview document like this:

"C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" /l /NoSecurity "\\server\Qlikview Report.qvw"

This obviously launches the report in Qlikview, leaving the document open to allow the Macro to run.

There is then a Post Reload trigger to run a particular function.

The trouble is, the module editor is launched and does not proceed.

This has only begun happening in the last week or so, so I suspect a Windows update may be at play here, however, I am struggling to identify which one and have even tried a full re-installation of Office.

To add to the above, the module editor launching suggests a bug in my code, so I have tried a number of combinations, including stripping all of my code out an having a blank function as the only thing in the module and launch it with Post Reload, i.e.

Function Test

End Function

This also fails, suggesting to me that I may be a Windows security related issue?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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New Contributor

Re: Unable to run macro from command prompt

Apologies - I left out some information and can't seem to find an edit post button anywhere.

Please note, these macros run absolutely perfectly when called from a button.

It is only when being called from a batch file/command prompt/post-reload function that the macro fails.

New Contributor

Re: Unable to run macro from command prompt

Turns out this is a Qlikview bug.
Happens on any version of Qlikview from November 2017 Release SR1 ( onwards.

We reverted to 12.10 SR9 and the problem resolved itself.
Will issue a bug report with Qlik.

New Contributor

Re: Unable to run macro from command prompt

I just came upon this same issue.  Any chance this bug has been addressed?  We are on 12.30.20000.0 and cannot revert to a previous version.


Any workarounds available?


Thank you


Re: Unable to run macro from command prompt

You appear to be running the initial release version, I would recommend trying things in SR3, which is the latest release in the 12.30 track to see if you can still replicate things there.  I found a few bugs in the system, oddly they stated the IR should have the fix, so I think the best thing is to test in the latest SR, which is SR3, and if you still see the issue, then I would recommend opening a support case with us, so we can look into things again to see what you may be doing differently in that case in the macro, as that is where I would have to imagine things are likely going wrong in this case.  


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