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Update Field Value in Table OnOpen

Hi There,

I am trying to create a table with the user id of the person viewing the application. This is linked (associated?) to another table so that we can have a single value list box to click on and off to display only information for the user.

I have tried using Dynamic Update to UPDATE the value to the user id.  This works great in the client.  But, it is not working at all on Access Point.  I checked the boxes on the Server tab: Enable Push from Server and Enable Dynamic Data Update.  And, the server setting was made as well.

We are using QV 11 and AJAX.  I tried pulling it up in FireFox but that did not work either.

Any suggestions for getting Dynamic Update to work or suggestions for other ways to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Update Field Value in Table OnOpen

if you want to always restrict the data the user can see, you can use section access

if you want the user to be able to switch between some data or all the data you can add a field USER to your table (with NTNAME) and one button with that action

select in field     USER

search string     OSUser()

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Re: Update Field Value in Table OnOpen

Thanks for the response.  I need to do the latter.  I actually have to fields: My Tickets and My Organization.  I was hoping for buttons (text box or other method) that will limit the users My Tickets and/or My Organization when each is clicked.  And, to clear the appropriate field when clicked off.  I have tried several methods, including OSUser(), and nothing works all the way through.  The model is quite complex with hierarchies and hierarchy belongs to elements, which I think is causing some of my heartburn.

I have issues with buttons (text boxes) not acting appropriately as other data elements are selected since the text boxes are not associated in the model. I have tried several approaches to code around it, but the actions don't seem to fire in an order that makes any sense.

Anyway, I just wanted to supply some background and say thanks for your reply.  I have taken a simpler approach by including the filters with the list of names.  Users can just select themselves.  Not fancy, but it works.