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User preferences property of Qlik document after Distributing gets reset

Hi Team,

I am developing Pixcel perfect reports using Qlikview nprinting for better Image Quality I have change below settings of Qlikview document.

user Preferences -> Export -> Clipboard to zoom =350%.

But when i save this property and run Distribution task of this document should copy on other server after that this property gets reset to 100%.

Is there any settings in Qlikview Publisher to distribute this document as it is with above settings.


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Re: User preferences property of Qlik document after Distributing gets reset

Things are working as expected here, as you are changing your local User Preferences/Settings.ini for the Desktop client, not the app properties, so you would need to make this change to the QVS Settings.ini if using the Ajax client, but that is going to be a global change, it would impact all apps etc.  For the Plugin client, there is a client-side Settings.ini for each user/machine, so the users would just need to change the setting as well, or it would need to be pushed via a software tool that does that.  About the best I can offer in this use case to accomplish things.  I cannot say for sure that adding the setting to the QVS Settings.ini will work for Ajax or not as well, you will have to test that to see for sure.  Hopefully this helps you move forward though.


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