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Creator III
Creator III

Using a Text Object to send Email with Information in the Body

Hello Community.

I am having a unique issue with the 'Action' command for sending an email to Outlook.

I am intending in sending the "Mail to", "Subject", and "Body".

In the Body I am attempting to add xml links to files on one of our sites. The issue I am having is that some of the xml links have spaces in them and when I bring them in that way they do not become hyperlinks in the email (Outlook). The end user can simply copy the entire thread and paste into the browser but I would like for them not to do that for the ones that are hyperlinked. 

I found a way to append "%20" to the links using Alteryx, and the Action command is opening the Outlook email well but the hyperlinks are still split in two (i.e. is not recognizing the %20 I added). 

I have a text box with the exact same formula and I do see the right hyperlink string as intended in there! 

SOo Iam dumbfounded as to why it is not recognizing the appropriate field being sent to email?

I truly hope I have explained myself well, I also have the links to the previous threads I referenced to get me to where I am. 


Thanks beforehand team. 

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Digital Support
Digital Support

This is most likely due to Outlook preventing things, as it is looking at things as SPAM etc...  The only thing of which I can think would be to use actual HTML markup in the Body of the email, but I am not sure how that is going to come out in the backend, as Outlook may take an even bigger exception to that.  

Another idea might be to provide a UNC file share path to a Doc or something that has the links in it instead of the links in the Email itself.  I think I would probably try the HTML markup though to see if Outlook will look more kindly at that.  You did the right thing trying to do the encoding of the space etc., but I am not sure why things are not working, best bet would be Outlook outsmarting you and trying to prevent it etc.  Hopefully this gives you an avenue to look into, if you do find a decent workaround, consider posting what you did, and you can use the Accept as Solution button after you post to mark that as the solution too.  Sorry I do not have anything better for you.


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