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Using pivot field value as filter in set analysis

Hello everybody

I have a question about a set analysis we are using:

I have a pivot table with different KPI's per day:


What I need now is a text value from a table. The problem is, that I want to filter it by a row value from the pivot. The expression looks like this at the moment:

=Only( {$<JDTVAUSGB.ERSCHDAT = {"=$(=only(TimeStock.TimeDimension.DateExcelFormat))"} >} PUBLICATON.POSTER)

- PUBLICATON.POSTER is the text I need

- JDTVAUSGB.ERSCHDAT is the date in the table with the poster

- TimeStock.TimeDimension.DateExcelFormat is the date in my main table

The problem is, that the inner expression is evaluated before everything else. So there is no "only"-value, and it can't calculate it for every row seperatelty...

Is there a way to do it or is this impossible?

(I can't link the tables because of reasons... )

Thanks for your ideas & kind regards,


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