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Using same dimension table multiple times

Hello QV Ninjas,

I am new to Qliview and currently transitioning from SAP BO. Below is one of my questions from many more to come :-).

In my data model, I have requirement to use same dimension table for example multiple times because:

I want to get names of employees who submitted a ticket so my dimension table will be 'Submitting Employee"

From the same table I have get names of Employees who worked on a ticket so "Closed By Employee"

Another copy of the table will give me names of "Assigned Employee"

This is how my relational database will look like.

How do we deal with tables like that which join with fact table on multiple columns.

Another example would be calendar table.

A Fact table might have several dates, start date, end date, added date, closing date. In RDBMS we create aliases of the dimensional table. How do we deal with this scenario in Qlikview?

Thank for chipping in!!

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Re: Using same dimension table multiple times

I found a solution:

All we had to do was created aliases here too. You might get loop reference error as you are making several copies of the same table. To resolve it either comment out (one of the) same columns in dim tables (which wont be the case here) or rename columns using as