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V look up on QlikView (help needed)

My colleague posted something similar to this yesterday but he has forgot his log in so I am creating a new post (sorry) Below is his response/requirement for help to the community


Hi I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. I have used this forum for a while and want to thank all who have commented on various posts, I have found your suggestions and guidance extremely helpful. As a result, I have therefore decided to post my question here in the hope that someone can help me.

We manage a SharePoint site which records information about calls. In other words, an analyst will go in and fill in a form and save this to SharePoint. We have 2 analysts (say John and Jim) who observe cso officers (.which stands for client service officers) John has approximately 85 CSOs assigned to him and Jim has about 60 (rough estimates). Every month I have to compile 6 reports (these reports vary, some look at the total number of calls done, others look at the type of calls recorded, and so forth). Out of the 6 reports, 5 reports are now done automatically on qlikview. We simply refresh the data at the first of the month, and BOOM the reports are ready to go, however one report is doing my head in, which is why I am here.

Report 2, is basically a V look up which I do manually on excel. I get the CSO list from sharepoint, and export this to excel and then the assessment date. I then basically do a v look up to see if CSO ABC was observed in the month or not. If they were not observed I put them on the report. So in effect the report shows the audience which CSO’s Jim and John did not observe.

Currently I have the data loaded on QlikView but it is showing me all the CSO officers THEY DID OBSERVE. I want it to show the names of the CSO who they did not observe.

I don’t know if this is an issue in the data model, or the expressions, but it is really frustrating, I am 80% there at automating the process and would need that extra push to get me 100% there.

I appreciate all your feedback and thoughts on this.


Basically we need a V look up, we have two excel files (I have attached) the first file shows all the CSO officer names and who they are meant to be observed by. The second file shows the data from sharepoint (i.e., when the cso officers were observed). I get there names and do a search on the second file and if they appear as N/A it means they have not been observed). I then attach these to a excel report.

We want this to be done on Qlikview.

I have attached various screen prints and appreciate your help in getting this fixed.

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