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Validation of planning


I have a table with sales plans and the fact of sales for a certain period.


Each manager has planned a sales plan in the context of a shop-product. I want to evaluate the quality of management planning.

For this, I estimate the correctness of the plans for each combination Shop-Product.

If the deviation is less than 10%, I put 1 score, if from 10% to 20% - 0.9, if from 20% to 30% - 0.75, from 30% to 50% - 0.6, if from 50 % to 70% - 0.3 and if more than 70% - 0.

The result is the same:


But I want to see a summary of the managers. To do this, I have to export the data to Excel and make a summary pivot table there.

For example:


Please tell me if it is possible to make such a summary table in QlikView?

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Re: Validation of planning

I understand this task can not be realized in QlikView?